Faculty Member and Assistant Professor, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
Founder of the
Iranian Space Agency
Founder of the country's infrastructure communications company
Project Manager
National Smart Card


Personal Information

Name: Ali Asghar Amidian

Education: PhD in Electrical Engineering

Job Title: Deputy Minister of ICT and President of Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA)

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +9821 88113202


Professional Careers

Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and President of Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) – Since 1392 (2013)

Deputy Minister of ICT for Legal, Government and Parliamentary Affairs, from 1390 to 1392 (2011-2013)

Member of the Board of the 3rd Mobile Phone Operator (Rightel), from Farvardin 1390 to Shahrivar 1391 (April 2011 to September 2012)

Executive of National Smart Card project from Aban 1388 to the end of the year 1389 (November 2009 to the end of March 2010)

Deputy Governor General for Planning Affairs in Qom Province from 1387 to 1388 (2008 to 2009)

Adviser to the Minister of ICT, Head of Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) and Executive of the Country ICT Research Project from 1384 to 1386 (2005-2007)

Faculty (Research) Member and Strategic Council of the ICT Advanced Research Center of Sharif University of Technology since 1385 (2006) till now.

Managing Director and Member of the Board of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC), from1383 to1385 (2004 to 2006)

Faculty Member and Assistant Professor, Telecommunication Applied Science Faculty (Affiliated to the Ministry of ICT), since Bahman 1381 (Jan 2003) till now.

Managing Director of Iran Remote Sensing Center (current Iranian Space Agency- ISA), from 1381 to 1383 (2002-2004)

Head of Training Center and Executive of Educational Projects of the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCl), from 1371 to 1375 (1992-1996)

Director General of Telecommunication Company of Semnan Province, from 1369 to 1371 (1990-1992)

Deputy Director General of Telecommunication Company of Kordistan Province, from 1368 to 1369 (1989-1990)

Head of Telecommunication Company of Saghez and in charge of microwave communications of the West areas of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan Provinces and responsible for the fighters' communication services, from 1365 to 1368 (1986-1989)

Planning Expert in Planning and Project Department of TCI, 1365 (1986)


Educational Background

PhD in Electrical Engineering –Telecommunication from Laval University in Canada, from 1376 to 1380 (1997-2001)

Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering- Telecommunication from Persian Amir Kabir University of Technology, from 1370 to 1373 (1991-1994)

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Telecommunication Engineering from Persian Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, from 1358 to 1365 (1979-1986)


Teaching Experiences

Teaching telecommunication – related university courses (Engineering mathematics, signal and system, advanced mobile communication, optical fiber, new generation of smart networks and...)


Research History

Thesis entitled: “Study of Time and Space Correlation of Delay Profile Components in Indoor/ Outdoor Microcellular Communication Channels” University of Laval, Canada, 2002

Master’s thesis entitled: “Consideration and modeling the attenuation of electromagnetic propagation for Tehran, employing the measurement in 900MHz band for designing cellular mobile network” (Amirkabir University of Technology-Electrical Engineering Faculty, year 1373-1993)

Presentation of 13 scientific papers from the year 1381 (2002) in the field of information technology and mobile communication, optical fiber, remote sensing and satellite communication ,all of which have been certified by magazines, internal and external scientific conferences and seminars and then being published.

Translation of “Optical Fiber Networks, DWDM Technology” book ,written by Dr. Karta Poulos-John Wiley Publishing Company, 2003

Translation of “Next Generation Services, Technology and Strategy” book, written by Neil Wilkinson, John Wiley Publishing Company -2002

Translation of “Next Generation Smart Networks” book, written by Artech House Publishers, 2002

Compiling: “Telecommunication Networks New Generation” book, Authors: Ali Asghar Amidian, Seyed Ali Alavian and Hassan Jand, summer of the year 1389 (2010)- Telecommunication Faculty

Compiling: “ICT Obligatory Services and Experiences” book

Compiling and preparation of “the Country National Smart Card Project" report”, 3 volumes (Executive)

Compiling and preparation of “the Country Optical Fiber Network National Project Report” (Designing and Implementation)

Compiling and preparation of “Designing and Construction Project Report of one-Kw optical fiber laser” 2 volumes (Executive)

Writing national intranet conceptual model and research, study and designing the model for internet data center. Compiling urban networks development model (observer) in two volumes. Consideration of infrastructure and offering national network development model and strategic recommendations for country-wide backbone network (observer) and compiling the country Core & Edge network designing

To model the Local Multipoint Distribution systems (LMDs) transmission Channel, from 1376 to 1380 (1997-2001)

Offering the Tehran mobile cellular network model and design for 22 base stations in 900MHz, in 1372 (1993)

To research and manufacture induction furnace, 1363-1364 (1984-1985)

To launch and equip crystal growing and optical fiber manufacturing laboratory, 1362-1363 (1983-1984)

Designing and producing one Kw optical fiber laser, 1389-1390 (2010-2011)

Implementation of embedded and open source software

Compilation of technical designs and creating data and IDCs Centers

Designing of SDH/DWDM optical telecommunication equipment and laboratories

Designing and implementation of network management and CC&B

Designing and producing the BTS and MSC mobile equipment

Designing and producing Access Soft Switch/ MG/SG/NGN equipment

Compilation of optical telecommunication comprehensive research project

Compilation of IT comprehensive research project

Compilation of NGN telecommunication comprehensive research project

Compilation of mobile communications network comprehensive research project (to the development ceiling of 25 million customers

Compilation of network security comprehensive research project

Compilation of the country Post network comprehensive research project


Main Managerial and Administrative Records


Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA)

Creation of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) license

Granting the Fixed Communication Provider(FCP) creation and utilization license

Occupying three managerial positions in the ITU-R Study Groups in the Radiocommunication Assembly of the year 2015 (RA-15)

Concluding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for governing principles of Mobile Number Portability services provision among the CRA and 3 mobile communication operators

Upgrading the mobile communication service provision license to 3rd generation and higher

Accreditation of many type approval laboratories throughout the county

Compilation of communication and Postal services standards in the CRA

Organizing the country mobile SIM Cards ownership status

Implementation of two phases of the ICT market monitoring national project

Implementation of the national roaming project of the mobile communication operators  

To contract and granting trunked –radio license

Development of radio frequency monitoring systems

Provision of the internet network connection in 25000 villages in the USO project

Concluding MoU for cooperation between the CRA and the ICT Research Center

Establishment of working group for compiling strategic document and operational road map of the CRA in different sovereignty, legal social, economic and technical aspect


Deputy Minister for Legal, Government and Parliamentary Affairs

Following up to amend the Article 53 of the Fifth Development Plan Law dealing with reducing the number of Ministries.

Making efforts in approving the bill of fixing and collection permission of royalty fees of non-governmental sector activities in post and telecommunication field.

Making efforts in getting the approval of Supreme Administrative Council on revocation of approvals concerning isolation of the ICT Research Organization (Iran Telecommunication Research Center) from the Ministry of ICT.


Telecommunication Infrastructure Company

Taking actions for establishment of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company and beginning its activities and making follow up actions for approving its constitution.


Managing and launching of Iran National Optical Fiber Network with the area of 56000 square kilometers and coverage of 900 cities and towns and bandwidth of 52000 E1, with utilization of DWDM and SDH Technology and Possibility of putting the IP and IP/MPLS into operation and making the network IP-based for using the new generation networks.

To increase development of national switching with the capacity of 1025900 channels

Implementation of the 1st phase of development of the country telecommunication infrastructure transmission network which resulted in raising E1 8000 equivalent to 24000 channels

Preparation and implementation of the phase two of the country infrastructure transmission network which resulted in raising E1 52000 equivalent to 2120000 channels and eventually access to about 4500000 channels in the country which has the capability of increasing the capacity to five times of present situation

Implementation of intelligent management of traffic in the country for the first time

Contracting and taking action for opening of the country National Satellite Network LC (Zohreh 1) with 12 transponders and national coverage and capability of regional coverage with the cooperation of Russian Federation Space Agency

Contracting for implementation of intelligent Network (IN) in optical fiber national network and provision of intelligent services throughout the country.

Termination of the country optical fiber project operation and its successful opening and making operational

Provision of agreement for contracting, establishment and implementation of two separate connecting points to FLAG international optical fiber network in Iran (one point in Bandar Abbas and another one in Chabahar) for connecting Iran’s communication networks to international networks and making cross border transmission capacities with the capacity of STM140

Contracting for implementation of ITMN, IN, ISMN and NGN projects for provision of required context for management , supervision and monitoring and protection of network security

Making necessary study and provision of IT comprehensive project of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company for implementation of E-Company with the assistance of adviser


Iran Remote Sensing Center (Current Iranian Space Agency)

Management and taking appropriate action for establishment of Iranian Space Agency (ISA), follow up, preparation and approval of its act and constitution in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament) and commencement of its activities.

Registration of Iranian space Agency’s Constitution in the Space Commission of the United Nations Organization and obtaining the space seat of the I.R. of Iran.

Provision of the country map with utilization of satellite data with resolution less than of10 meters

Implementation of remote sensing data collection development project via satellite with resolution of 1 meter

Management and finalization of joint construction of Small Multi-Mission Satellite (SMMS) among Iran and some Asian countries (China, Thailand and Pakistan)


Training Center of Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI)

Applying instructors teaching method by employing foreign educators inside the country and equipping the Training Center to training models resulted in increment of training quality and noticeable foreign currency savings in Telecommunication Company of Iran

Designing and supplying equipment and implementation of 10 specialized laboratories for undergraduate courses in Telecommunication Applied Science Faculty.