·         Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and President of  the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) – Since 1392 (2013)

·         Deputy Minister of ICT for Legal, Government and Parliamentary Affairs, from 1390 to 1392 (2011-2013)

·         Member of the Board of the Telecommunication Company of Iran(TCI) from 1390 to 1392(2011-2013)

·         Member of the Board of the 3rd Mobile Phone Operator (Rightel), from Farvardin 1390 to Shahrivar 1391 (April 2011 to September 2012)

·         Executive of National Smart Card project from Aban 1388 to Aban 1389 (November 2009 to November 2010)

·         Deputy Governor General for Planning Affairs in Qom Province from 1387 to 1388 (2008 to 2009)

·         Adviser to the Minister of ICT, Head of Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) and Executive of the Country ICT Research Project from 1384 to 1386 (2005-2007)

·         Managing Director and Member of the Board of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC), from1383 to1385 (2004 to 2006)

·         Faculty (Research) and Strategic Council Member of the ICT Advanced Research Center of Sharif University of Technology since 1385 (2006) till now.

·         Managing Director of Iran Remote Sensing Center (current Iranian Space Agency- ISA), from 1381 to 1383 (2002-2004)

·         Faculty Member and Assistant Professor, Telecommunication Applied Science Faculty (Affiliated to the Ministry of ICT), since Bahman 1381 (Jan 2003) till now. 

·         Head of Training Center and Executive of Educational Projects of the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCl), from 1371 to 1375 (1992-1996)

·         Director General of Telecommunication Company of Semnan Province, from 1369 to 1371 (1990-1992)

·         Deputy Director General of Telecommunication Company of Kordistan Province, from 1368 to 1369 (1989-1990)

·         Head of Telecommunication Company of Saghez and in charge of microwave communications of the West areas of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan Provinces and responsible for the fighters' communication services, from 1365 to 1368 (1986-1989)

·         Planning Expert in Planning and Project Department of TCI, 1365(1986)